Fо̄r Residential

Hudson Office South.jpg


Year:  2013
Type:  Residential
Location:  Hudson, NY
Square Footage:  590 Office + 540 Garage 

Scope of Work:  Architectural and Interior Design, Custom Furniture Design

Two Manhattan-based editors came to us in September of 2012 in need of an additional office at their weekend home upstate in Hudson, New York, originally built in 2001 with a modern barn aesthetic. To facilitate the new space, we removed the exterior west wall of an existing music room, expanded the interior space by using square footage from an existing deck, and reimagined its interior with new lighting, a custom-designed maple daybed, and a projection wall. The office area features windows on all walls as well as an L-shaped desk and floating bookshelves designed especially for the space.

Additionally, the clients requested a separate two-car garage with a workbench for gardening. Located in the surrounding woods so as not to detract from the existing house, there is a sense of continuity because the form is a direct reflection of the original structure, albeit on a smaller scale. It was also built with the same materials, including cedar siding and a metal roof. We were also able to reuse doors and windows removed during the main house addition.