Fо̄r Residential



Year: 2017
Type: Residential
Location: New York, NY
Scope of Work: Interior Design

Our Hudson project clients needed to transform their Chelsea loft for a more efficient use of space. Already familiar with how the couple operates both personally and professionally, we undertook the challenge to design a second office area and create more intimate settings within the open single space. In doing so, we were able to maintain a continuity of design between their upstate and NYC homes.

Located in a former factory building with industrial features and few walls, the main goal of the project was to define spaces while maintaining the loft style. To maximize natural light and views of the High Line park, we decided to delineate space using furniture rather than adding walls. As a nod to their upstate home where we designed an L-shaped desk for an office addition, we similarly designed an L-shaped bookshelf credenza to fill in part of the open space in the main living area and thus creating the desired secondary workspace. Along with the client, we selected two raw slabs of wood from a lumber supplier upstate to create a desktop for the credenza and a new coffee table for the adjacent living area. The credenza allows for additional storage for the couple, both of whom are editors and have an extensive collection of books. The final custom piece of furniture was an open style bookshelf for the existing home office.

We completed the project with Nelson pendant light fixtures to match the ones installed in their upstate home and new rugs to add coziness. The result is a space that marries their two homes despite having overall distinct styles.

Photography Credit: Garrett Rowland